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Students Corner

Students Corner

Student Corner

Teacher Sponsored-Student Aid Fund (TS-SAF)

  1. To provide educational and monetary support to needy
  2. To reduce chances of drop-out of students for lack of any institutional support
The concept The basic motive of this scheme is to help students in the form of payment of their exam fees, tuition fees, and required educational material for continuation of their education. As Solapur region falls under drought prone area and students community from our college belong to poor to average background there is need to provide financial support to sustain their education.  The Practice:
  • Under this innovative scheme all our teachers unanimously came forward with a genuine motive to help poor and needy students either from the common bank account set up for the same or individually adopting the student and fulfilling his/her educational needs.
  • Contributions from staff are collected and deposited in a separate bank account opened in the name of H.N.C.C.Staff Academy with Lokmangal Co-operative Bank Ltd, Main BranchSolapur with the Savings A/c no. 0020011110052149. In the staff meeting held on December 2, 2014, it was unanimously resolved that two staff members,Shri. S. G. Ingale and Shri. D.K. Chilwant/ Mr A G Devsalebe authorized to jointly operate the account. Help through this account is given to the needy students by cheque.
 This initiative works in following steps.
  • Applications are invited from students who wish to avail support and help from TS-SAF
  • The applications are then scrutinized by college faculty to verify the needs and demands of students
  • Individual counseling with the concerned students is conducted
  • After proper verification the students are offered necessary support for continuation of their education
Evidence of Success: Each year the number of applications received for help and help offered to needy students is increasing.. The details of help given to students is as follows:  
Year Name of Student Help received Purpose
2014-15 NihalShivsingwale Rs 1001/- from Bank account-cheque no-3781 dated14-01-2015 Sports kit
  VeenaRaccha Rs 350/- in cash Data entry
  PriyankaNanaware Rs 350/- in cash Data entry
  NarendraBagade Rs.1000/- in cash Tution fees
2015-16 Kamal Ganesh Rs 251/-from bank account-cheque no3782 dated 10/09/2015 Data entry
  Yamuna Maile Rs. 151/-cheque no 3783 dated 10/09/2015 Data entry
  SwapnilDasari Rs 251/-from bank account-cheque no3784 dated 10/09/2015  
  VinodkumarMisal Rs 251/-from bank account-cheque no3785 dated 10/09/2015  
  ShwetaKanti Rs. 1000/- from bank account –cheque No 3786 dated 12/10/2016 Tution fees
  ShripadDikonda Rs 500/- from bank account –cheque No 3788 dated 22/01/2016  
  New Hind Agency Rs 6,200/- from bank account –cheque No 3790 dated 26/03/2016 Purchased Cycle for students
2016-17 Name of Student Help given /Purpose Date
  NehaHongunti Bicycle 18-01-2017
  DhaneshwariHonrao -Rs 1200/- Yoga costume 18-01-2017
  RutujaLimbole Rs 1200/- Yoga costume 18-01-2017
  SupriyaKoli -Rs 1200/- Yoga costume 18-01-2017
  SonaliIppanpalli Rs.340/- Exam Fees 19-01-2017
  AmbikaKunchapkar Rs 340/- Exam Fee 25-01-2017
  VaishaliDeshmukh Rs 340/- Exam Fee 25-01-2017
  RamadeviParkipandla Rs 340/- Exam Fee 25-01-2017
  LavanyaBingi Bicycle 28-01-2017
  SuhaniDevkar Rs. 685/- Exam Fee 27-04-2017
2017-18 Name of Student Help given /Purpose Date
  Sonali A Burbure Rs.1000 Education Fees 19-06-2017
  Swati D Gund Rs 2350, Tution Fee 20-6-2017
  JasminShaikh 905, Tution Fee 20-9-2017
  JasminShaikh 505, Exam Fees 31/8/2017
  Sonali A Burbure 465, Exam Fees 4/9/2017
  MayuriSatkur 2000, ICWA Fee 3/10/17
  Annareddy Ajay 270—exam fee 28/4/2018
  SheetalGaikwad 433-Tution Fee 1/5/2017
  SuhaniDeokar 685-Tution Fee 1/5/2017
  ArchataDantkale 433- Tution Fee 1/5/2017
  Annareddy Ajay 433-Tution Fee 1/5/2017
2018-19 Name of Student Help given /Purpose Date
  Ajay LaxmanAnnareddy 270/- (XII B) Tution Fee Cheque No 876416 dt 28/4/2018 28/4/2018
  BogaBhanupriyaVyankatesh 1574/- (MBA) Cheque No 876417-Tution Fee 19/06/18
  Anusha Sanjay Zhingade 1259/- (BComII)-Tution fee cheque 876418- 05/07/18
  AartiRajkumarBondarde(XII) 1300/- Tution Fee Cheque No 876419 25/7/18  
  MohanishGardas 27,300/- Medical expenses(kidney Transplant operation) Cheque No 876420 3/11/2018
  Purchased Water Cooler for Students 69,000/- Cooler expenses 957031 –Onkar Agency 14/2/2019
  DeepaliChandrakantChavan (BCom III) Bicycle 2018-19
2019-20 Name of Student Help given Date
Elections Student Council is an organization conducted by students and supervised by teachers. The purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out college activities and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to college spirit and community welfare, the student council is the voice of the student body. They help share student ideas, interests and concerns with the college wide community. The function of the student council is based upon parliamentary procedures. Ideas are presented, voted upon and confirmed by the student body president. Any student that is interested in leadership, organizational behaviour, event planning or becoming more involved in the college are welcome to become involved.
Events The student council helps share students' ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and college principals. They often also help raise funds for college-wide activities, including social events, community projects, helping people in need and college reform.

Student Council Election Timetable     (Link Doc.1)

RULES AND REGULATIONS   1. Procedure for Election of Students Council   (Link Doc.2) 2. Functions and Duties of Students Council     (Link Doc.2) 3. Procedure for Conduct of Business of Meetings of Students Council   (Link Doc.2)

                   ‘HIRA’ Magazine is the college magazine of our college. Every year theme for magazine is selected as per current developments and situation. Students contribute with their articles, poems, and stories, interviews of eminent personalities, photography, sketches and paintings. College provides this platform to students to exhibit their talent. Every year magazine receives prize swell as students secure individual prizes in an intercollegiate competition ‘Srujanrang’.

College Magazine Awards and Certificates
Year Certificate Theme & Individual Prizes
2021-22 Hira 2022
2020-21 Hira 2021
2019-20 Hira 2020
2018-19 Hira 2019
2017-18 Hira 2018 
2016-17 Hira 2017
2015-16 Hira 2016
Recognizing the need for more student space, and a combined commitment to student success, the  Students’ Association worked to develop a vision for a Student Commons, providing students with a unique space that would become the social hub, or heart, of the  Campus. The Commons will better serve the broader student community by offering new and improved facilities, a wider variety of events, while bringing into one location many of the Students’ Association and College student support services. The building will be wired to support the “learning anywhere” initiative. Associations
  1. MASTER  - Marketing association of Students for Talent and Effort Recognition
  2. SAHARA -Students Association of Human Resources Aspirants

Hirachand Nemchand College of Commerce, Solapur

 Women Empowerment Centre--HIRKANI

Empowering women by  building their confidence and making them independent and self-supportive.is the need of the hour.  The college provides conducive environment for women so HNCC is the most sought  college by girl students. As the college provides safe and secure environment in the campus, near to 50% of the total students of the college are girls. The Women Empowerment Centre –Hirkani was established with the following goals and objectives:
  • To provide boundless opportunities for the growth and development of girl students of the institution.
  • To encourage leadership for women empowerment initiatives on and off the campus.
  • To address issues related to girl students.
  • To conduct programmes for the holistic development of girl students , including lecture series, self-defense training camps, health awareness camps workshops for  personality development and development  of  entrepreneurship skills
  Read More Activities Conducted 
Name of Department Type of Activity

Hirakani- Rangostav Workshop

A 5 days Rangoli Making workshop "Rangostav" under Hirakani Women Empowerment Cell was arranged from 03/02/2023 to 08/02/2023. Total 20 girls enrolled for this under the mentoring of Mrs. Priyanka Kurle madam. Workshop ended with Grand Rangoli infront of MBA build by all participants and appreciation of all participants.

Read more...  
B.COM. State Level Webinar on Changing Gender Roles in Contemporary Society Women Empowerment Centre- Hirkani & National Service Scheme (NSS) Organize State Level Webinar on Changing Gender Roles in Contemporary Society: A Pathway to Gender Equality Guest Speaker: Dr . Kalpana Gangatirkar, Mahaveer College, Kolhapur, Date: 8th March, 2022, Time: 8.30 am Venue: Google meet Platform, 190 participants attended the webinar.  Read more...
BBA Hirakani - Meet the Press Competition Date: 08th March 2022 On the occasion of International Women’s Day (8/3/2022) BBA section had arranged ‘Pratibha- Show Your Charisma’- A meet the press competition under Hirakani – Woman Empowerment Centre. Total 13 BBA students participated and presented different characters. The competition was judged by Mr. Sachin Jawalkote (Editor, Lokmat Solapur).
Student Research Cell is keen to promote research work and output for faculty and students. Apart from the program requirements of dissertation and seminar, students engage in intensive research work along with the Research Cell, Faculty Projects and Special Research Centers. SSLA also annually publishes the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. The Research Cell is aimed at enhancing the research capacity of faculty and students. Students at SSLA undergo thorough Research Method courses followed by a Dissertation and a Seminar Paper which are coordinated by the cell. The Research Cell is also responsible for informing students about intercollegiate research opportunities and encouraging students to publish original work in leading journals and presenting at conferences. Moreover, the Cell also encourages faculty and students alike to take up research projects on contemporary local, national and international issues. 04th & 05th 2020, University Level Research Festival: Avishkar - 2019: Nine students have been participated in university level research festival Avishkar-2019 under discipline of Humanities and Fine Arts, Commerce Management and Law, Engineering and Technology at UG and PG level. First prize in PG level in Commerce Management and Law and Second Two prizes in UG level in Humanities and Fine Arts and Commerce Management and Law own by our students.
  • Shweta Zhawar First Prize in Commerce Management and Law at PG level.
  • Priya Gurram Second Prize in Commerce Management and Law at UG level.
  • Rutuja Ingale Second Prize in Humanities and Fine Arts at UG level
28th to 31st 2020, Inter-University Research Convention: Avishkar-2019-20: Our students Miss. Shweta Zhawar, Miss. Priya Gurram, Miss. Rutuja Ingale represented Solapur University, Solapur in Inter University Research Convention: Avishkar-2019-20 held at Mumbai University Mumbai. 24th Jan. 2020, Workshop on Entrepreneurship, Globalization and Modern Management: Our Students Miss. Anita Bura presented a research paper entitled ‘A Project Report on Startup Entitled MH13-ORG’ in University level Workshop on Entrepreneurship, Globalization and Modern Management and Secured  Third Prize HNCC Student Research Achievements

Hirachnd Nemchand College of Commerce, Solapur

Competitive Exam Coaching Center

   Walchand College of Arts and Science and Hirachand Nemchand College of Commerce have been running competitive examination coaching center from the last 22 years. We impart in-depth guidance to the enrolled students for a whole year under center. We also undertake many seminars, workshops and activities to develop competent and sensitive officers with quality and skills by keeping a detailed and examination oriented approach.

Eligibility for admission:12th (Arts, Commerce, and Science) requires at least 50% marks
 Entrance test: Due to limited seats, admission will be given to 100 students who come first in an   entrance test of 100 marks
Admission Fee: Rs. 100, Coaching Fee: Rs. 1000, Library Fee: Rs 10
Intake capacity: 100
Course Duration: 1 year
Guidance Sessions: Monday to Saturday (11 to 12)
Facilities  Available:    Separate reading room, library, smart classroom, and computer lab.
8.   Activities Undertake. 1. Competitive exam guidance workshop 2. Interaction with officers. 3. Group discussion 4. Debate 5. Practice test 6. Visits govt. offices. 7. Mock interview 8. Personality development activity.

Committee Members
  1. Dr. Shivkumar Biradar
  2. Mr. Varun Hasbnis
In a world increasingly propelled by technology, university research is the foundation of any nation's economic growth. University take concerted efforts to align its focus with the national goal of achieving technological self-reliance by encouraging interdisciplinary research and institutional collaborative research. IPR cell adopt a sound IP strategy, to secure IPR for a large base of knowledgeable Faculty and highly talented Students in the University.Regular project and research activities of University having innovation potential. So,we are in the process of setting up structured processes to identify, facilitate and develop innovation. In corporate organizations, almost always, there is an exclusive unit dedicated to strategizing on issues of IP. The motivation for this, of course, is to secure optimal commercial returns on the IP. However, the scenario is different in academic institutes such as ours. Here, the returns, in terms of goodwill and portfolio enhancement, are more important than commercial returns. Research is believed in the Institute as practice of profession and not career. IPR cell is here to provide relevant, timely and targeted support to inventors in protecting their IPR and to boost confidence in generating IPR to make our Institute Self-Reliance in Finances Objectives
  1. To create  awareness about IPR for faculties and students of the University
  2. To conduct workshops, seminars and training course on IPR
  3. To impart training on future endeavors regarding patent filing processes
  4. To encourage faculty members and scholars to go for patentable works