Research Projects Undertaken by Faculty
    Faculty Name   Status-Completed/ Ongoing Financial Support Received (in Rupees) Amount Sanctioned Funding Agency
Dr. S.K. Shah Completed Yes 57000 UGC
Dr. Mrs. S. M. Mayekar Completed 70,000 70000 UGC
Dr. S. L. Biradar Ongoing 4.80 Lakh 4.80 Lakh Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission, Delhi
Dr. N.G. Kaldate Ongoing 60000 60000 PAHSU, Solapur
Mr. R. Y. Rawal Ongoing 60000 60000 PAHSU, Solapur
Dr. D.M. Zombade Completed 180,000 180000 UGC
Dr. K.P. Chougule Completed 110000 110000 UGC
Research Publications by Faculty
Sr. No. Name of Teacher Title of publication with page No Title of the Journal/ e-journal with ISSN/ISBN and Impact Factor Date/Month/Year/Volume of publication (all details) International/ National /State / Proceedings Citation Index
1 Dr. S. A. Pataskar ‘Women Empowerment with reference to COVID-19 in India’ International Conference on ‘Dynamic Management Approaches for Global Economic Development in the Era of Post COVID-19’, Sanskrithi School of Business, Puttaparthi, Anantpur, A.P. 25th July 2020 International _
2 Mrs. M. L. Kanade Academic Library & use of core knowledge,professional skills in Libraries of Solapur City. Studies in Indian Place Names (UGC care journal ISSN 2394-3114 Vol.40, Issue 18,Marh 2020 National
3 Dr. S. M. Mayekar Mobile Usage Patterns of Youth: A Behavioral Study Page 942-957 Studies in Indian Place Names ISSN 2394-3114 Vol 40 Issue 27 Feb,2020 UGC Care Journal 6.3
4 Dr. S. L. Biradar Consumer Buying Behaviour of Electric Vehicles: An Empirical Study (PP. 627 to 640) Studies in Indian Place Names (UGC Care Journal)     ISSN: 2394-3114 Vol-40-Issue-27-February-2020 International
5 Mrs. M. L. Kanade Professional Skills among College Librarians in Solapur District Our heritage journal ISSN 0474-9030 2/15/2020 International Multinational Conference
6 Prof. A. M. Rooge "Green Cloud Computing for SME in Environmental Sustainability" “Think India Journal” , Vol No. 22, Special issue 27 Impact Factor 6.2 27/12/2019 National _
7 Prof. V. S. Balgaonkar "Green Cloud Computing for SME in Environmental Sustainability" “Think India Journal” , Impact Factor 6.2 Vol No. 22, Special issue 27  27/12/2019 National _
8 Prof. V. S. Balgaonkar Qualitative Exploratory Research on Rural Customer Behaviour towards Net Banking (Page No: 117) International Conference on Recent Innovations in Science, Technology and Management. ISBN No: 978-81-932712-9-2 03rd December  2019 International _
9 Prof. V. S. Balgaonkar An Investigation on Consumers' Demographic characteristics and Factors Motives towards organised retail (Page No: 89) International Conference on Recent Innovations in Science, Technology and Management. ISBN No: 978-81-932712-9-3 03rd December  2019 International _
10 Prof. A. M. Rooge Big Data Applications for Smart City "Machine Learning Big Data Management Cloud And Computing" organised by  Asian Society for Academic Research, Pune  30/11/2019 International _
11 Dr. S. L. Biradar Digital Money: an Analysis of User’s Perception (PP. 81 to 84) The Management Accountant (ISSN: 0972-3528) Global Impact and Quality factor-0.56 Volume 54, July-2019 National h-index = 1
12 Dr. S. L. Biradar Investment Preference: A Behavioral Analysis of Households in Solapur City (PP. 134 to 147) ‘RESEARCH JOURNEY’ International E- Research Journal (ISSN: 2348-7143) SJIF – 6.261 Special Issue 190,  May-2019 International
13 Dr. S. V. Kadadi Role of Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare Industry DRISHTIKON: A Management Journal of Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, ISSN: 0975-7422 Volume 11 Issue, 1 September 2019-March 2020 International _
14 Dr. D. M. Zombade Nonparametric CUSUM control chart for Process Location,   69-76. Review of Research 2249-894X and 3.1402 8(6),March 2019 International 0
15 CA. S. G. Ingale An Analytical Study of the Income Tax Compliance under Modi Government Regime (Between Years 2013-14 to 2017-18) (Page 72) Research Journey ISSN:- 2348-7143 Jan.2019 National Impact factor 6.261
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Books Published by Faculty
Faculty Name Title of the Book ISBN Publication Details
Dr. S. K. Shah “ Dynamics of Investing” 978-1-387-88444-5 Lulu Publication United States
Dr. S. M. Mayekar Reading as a tool to improve performance of students 978-93-86077-11-0 Treasures of Reading
Dr. K. P. Chaugule Health Risk Behaviour and its Relationship with Academic Achievement 978-3-659-87045-3 LAP- Lambert Academic Publishing
Dr. D. M. Zombade    Nonparametric Quality Control Techniques 978-0-359-91012-0 International Lulu Publications 3101 Hillsborough St. Raleigh,NC 27607,United States,
Dr. S. S. Jagtap Financial Inclusion and Use of Technology (Editor- of National Seminar Proceedings) 978-81-932767-5-4 Koti and Baber Publishers LLP, C-280 Mahaveerji Nagar, Near Paparam Nagar, Vijapur Road, Solapur-413004 Contact:- 0217-2300930
Dr. S. K. Shah “ Dynamics of Investing” 978-1-387-88444-5 Lulu Publication United States
List of MoUs
Sr. No. Institute Period of MoU
1) Lokmangal Cooperative Bank 2 years
Kruti Constructions 5 Years
2) D. A. V Velankar College of Commerce 3 Years
3) Kaizen Motors 5 Years
4) CA Sunil G. Ingale & Associates, Chartered Accountants 5 Years
5) CA Shrenik H. Shah & Co. Chartered Accountants 5 Years
6) EScraps 3 Years
7) The Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Solapur Chapter 3 Years
8) IQAC and Multiple Institutions Open
9) The ICSI Regional Council /Chapter
10) Gundeti Hospital 1 Year
11) SSS Mentors Pvt. Ltd 5 Years
12) Sumit Textile Mill 5 Years
13) Walchand Institute of Technology (2014) 5 Years
14) Walchand College  of Art's and Science (2014) 3 Years
15) Suyog Digital Pvt Ltd 25, Solapur. 3 years
16) Dantakale and Javalgekar Associates, Solapur 3 years
17) Solapur Garments Manufactures association, Solapur 3 years
18) Phenix Digital Media 3 years
19) Usha Traders 3 years
20) Rathi Overseas 3 years
21) Bajaj Finserv 3 Years
22) Origin Enterprises 2 Years
23) Kasture Associates 3 Years
24) Sandeep Steel Mart 2 Years
25) Solapur  Electronic Dealers Association  (SEDA) 2 years
26) Triumphant Institute of Management Education  (TIME) 3 years
27) Sandeep Enterprises 2 years
28) Nuts Sweet World 2 years
29) Techno Wings IT Solutions – Microsoft certifications 3 years
30) Swayam online courses 3 Years.
31) National Stock Exchange 2 years