Hirachand Nemchand College of Commerce, Solapur

NCC Unit

NCC Introduction NCC : Started in 1972 —Unit of 53 cadets ( includes 18 sw & 35 sd) —Achievemnent ◦Shubham Shinde attended Republic Day Pared at Delhi in Jan 2016 ◦Vaibhav Budbude  attended Himalaya Rock Climbing and tracking camp in Apr. 2019 ◦Many alumni cadets serving in Army, Paramilitary Forces and Police —Results  : 100% result in ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificate Exam —Our ANO Lt. S. K. Patil attended Ahamadnagr, Poona Army attachment camp, Kerala NIC Camp, Shivaji Trail Treck Camp and ATC camps.  
NCC Activities : 
Camp Participation (Every Year) Social Activities conducted
—RDC —NIC —TSC —Army attachment Camp —ALC —BLC —RCTC —ATC —CATC —Blood Donation camps —Swachata Abhiyan —Awareness Rallies —Tree Plantation —Make inIndia Drive —Ekata Daud —Police Bandobast
—SSB  :  1) Provide training for SSB exams 2) Provide campus and other facilities for ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificate Exams
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