Hirachand Nemchand College of Commerce, Solapur

Events and announcements

Events and announcements

SAPDJ Pathashala
“The doyen of Jain Community,Shri Seth Hirachand Nemchand in his assiduous endeavor to serve society established “Shri Aillak Pannalal Digambar Jain Pathashala”(S.A.P.D.J.P.) in the year 1885.Originally started with the object of imparting religious education to students,the trust gradually moved into the field of general education and established high schools. Shri Aillak Pannalal Digambar Jain Pathashala,Solapur has been working in the interest of the society since its establishment in the year 1885.It is one of the rare institutions with a glorious history of one hundred and twenty-five years.The Pathashala witnessesd its growth and development under the all-round supervision of the pioneer of the Indian industries and the epitome of Services to society,Shriman Sheth Walchand and heth Lalchand.Ours has been an Institution with the Panchasutri of knowledge,Character,Love,Service and Management for strengthening liberty,equality and brotherhood in the society. In its 75th year the trust started a multidisciplinary institution under the name “Solapur College of Arts,Science and Commerce”.Since then the trust has spread its wings far and wide.The trust is ingrained with the dual objective of promoting “Shramana Culture” and protecting educational culture.
To develop competent student  by  imparting value based quality education with a commitment to their ethical and multi-dimensional development which will contribute towards their social and financial well-being.
To cater to the academic and professional  aspirations of the students through value-based education, promoting the marginalized students in order to uphold social equality with an objective of supplying ethical human capital in the form of globally competent entrepreneurs, managers and businessmen.  
  • To cater to the academic and professional aspirations of the students.
  • To supply ethical human capital in the form of entrepreneurs, innovators, managers and businessmen
  • To develop the students to use their head, hand and heart in a balanced fashion
  • Development of professional attitude
  • Eco-mission for sustainable development
  • Social sensitization for holistic activism
  • Building youth through value-based education
  • To cater to the core needs of the marginalized students to uphold social Equality
  • Equipping professional entrepreneurs for contributing to the development of society.
Principal's Desk

I am very fortunate to work with supportive management, dedicate staff, caring parents and passionate/creative students. The overall development of each individual student is our focus. We to recognize that as we ‘Work together and learn together’ students will be best able to achieve their potential. The students of HNCC are offered many opportunities to explore their interest and investigate new ideas. We offer them platforms to excel associations. activities, to improve their skills in various fields and grow knowledge.

The college strives hard to make the best possible efforts to inculcate strong values among students and combinate academics with extra-curricular activities.

Everything   that makes a good institution are a highly trained Faculty, rich Library, Placement cell, E.D. cell, teaching methods, Library to think and express themselves, we have it here.Thus I firmly believe that HNCC is not only just a place to learn but an endless ocean to seek knowledge.

I wish all the students a grand success in their career and prosperity in their future life


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